10 Reasons Why McDonald’s Was Better When We Were Kids

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Think behind to your childhood and you’ll substantially remember that going to McDonald’s was a singular provide (in some-more ways than one).

Besides a deliciously diseased junk food we got in a Happy Meals, a quick food grill had a whole horde of smashing things to not usually keep a little selves occupied, though to assistance us live a best lives during a brief visits there.

The McDonald’s we knew and adore in a ’90s isn’t a same anymore, unfortunately, though many of us will always remember how most fun it was behind when we were kids. Let’s take a travel down memory line by revisiting 10 of a best tools of a childhood trips to McDonald’s.

1. The Old Happy Meal Bags

The Old Happy Meal Bags

2. The Happy Meal Toys (Especially The Mini Beanie Babies)

The Happy Meal Toys (Especially The Mini Beanie Babies)

3. McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

McDonald's Halloween Buckets