10 things that would occur differently if ‘Friends’ were set in Mumbai

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Exactly 22 years ago, Rachel Green initial walked into a old-fashioned cafeteria in Manhattan and met her prolonged time high propagandize crony Monica Gellar, while still wearing her marriage dress. Exactly 22 years ago, 6 friends came together, and shaped a bond for life.

Twenty-two years is a long, prolonged time. Feel giveaway to spend a subsequent few mins calculating how aged we were when a commander aired. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be a widen to contend that Friends was one of a initial American TV shows (along with Full House and Small Wonder) to totally capture the courtesy of India’s younger generations, and change a TV observation habits for a subsequent few years.

So on a favorite show’s 22nd birthday, we motionless to get a small creative. Through a many repeat viewings of a show, we kept wondering how things would be conflicting if Friends was set in Mumbai, as against to Manhattan, New York. Amid a many crazy differences we came adult with (trust us when we contend crazy), we chose 10 things that would change in Friends, if it was set in aamchi Mumbai:

Opening credits during Flora Fountain


Because it’s critical to keep a fountain theme.

Joey’s special: Vadapav and slicing chai


Instead of removing dual pizzas on a Friday night, if Joey was living in Mumbai, his elite food choice would substantially be dual vadapavs and slicing chai. Not usually since it’s a tack diet for any Mumbaikar, though also since this is a customary one-person meal, and as we all know, Joey doesn’t share food.

Ross-Monica dance slight would be a Ganpati special


The Ross-Monica slight is one of a favorite episodes from a show. But imagine, if a brother-sister twin were in Mumbai, they would substantially spend their Ganpati holidays dancing divided in a pandals. Ross and Monica would fit right in with their moves. See for yourself.

Monica, Rachel and Pheobe’s print outward Mannat


Can anybody’s coronation into Mumbai be finish but a selfie outward SRK’s Mannat? We can suppose a girl’s date where Monica, Rachel and Pheobe went around city visiting all a stars’ homes.

Joey never creates it to Monica-Chandler marriage due to traffic


Remember a part when Joey is stranded sharpened an critical stage from a film, conflicting a really dipsomaniac co-star (the poetic Gary Oldman) and manages to strech Monica and Chandler’s marriage in a scrape of time? Well, if a marriage happened in Mumbai, he would never make it due to a traffic. Hello, Western Express Highway, bye-bye wedding.

Chandler’s mount adult comedy uncover gets cancelled due to parking issues


In a hypothetical chronicle of Friends, Chandler realises his gusto for comedy and with a sepulchral mount adult comedy enlightenment in India, he also decides to perform during an open mike comedy show. However, it gets cancelled due to parking issues.

Joey forgets to call Rakhi Sawant back


It’s usually unavoidable that Joey would date all a determined (and otherwise) actresses in Mumbai. However, all ruin would mangle remove when Joey forgets to call Rakhi Sawant behind after a date. Oh Jeejus!

The squad goes to watch DDLJ during Maratha mandir


What improved film to watch while in Mumbai other than DDLJ in Maratha Mandir?

Monica and Chandler pierce to Navi Mumbai


You know, for a same reasons: bigger homes, quieter area to lift children, not too distant divided from a city. Plus with mountainous rents in a city, how can they means a special room for Joey?

That’s all, folks. Brb while we illusion some more.