10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Riding Revolution Ride during Six Flags in L.A.

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10-year-old girl

A 10-year-old-girl who was rushed to a sanatorium from Six Flags Magic Mountain final week died on Saturday, according to a L.A. County Coroner’s Office. The means of genocide has nonetheless to be determined.

10-year-old girlOn Friday, a immature lady was during a Los Angeles County thesis park, and had only walked off a Revolution drum coaster when she collapsed to a belligerent only outward a exit line. According to initial responders, a Ventura County 10-year-old lady was found to be breathing, though still comatose during a time. Afterwards, she was fast airlifted to a hospital.

The same day, a entertainment park expelled a matter explaining that a girl, “returned to a Revolution hire after roving and was found respirating though unconscious.” Information per a reason because she collapsed has nonetheless to be released. An autospy for a 10-year-old lady is scheduled for Monday.

The Revolution float during Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles County, California, is a large drum coaster that facilities a 90-foot high straight loop. Speeds on a float strech upwards of 55 miles per hour. The float was not close down following a incident.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC 4 Southern California: Girl Who Collapsed After Magic Mountain Ride Has Died

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Photo Courtesy of Sam Howzit’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License