12 Yummy Ice Cream Recipes For Both You And Your Dog To Devour Together

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You scream, we scream, and your puppy pals all roar for ice cream!

Don’t leave your four-legged friends unresolved with usually plain ol’ H2O to keep them cooled down this summer. Spice things adult with these super-simple honeyed provide recipes. The solidified delights will assistance everybody stay chill while a heat climbs higher. Some demeanour so good, we competence wish to squeeze a spoonful for yourself!

You can find full recipes by clicking on a titles.

1. Peanut Butter and Banana Frosty Paws

a href=http://bbritnell.com/2014/06/dog-ice-cream-a-frosty-paws-copycat/ target=_blankPeanut Butter and Banana Frosty Paws/a

B. Britnell

2. Pumpkin Frosty Cubes

a href=http://thedogmomblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/pumpkin-frosty-paws.html target=_blankPumpkin Frosty Cubes/a

The Dog Mom Blog

3. Cinnamon Carob Ice Cream

a href=http://kirbythedorkie.com/blog/cinnamon-carob-ice-cream target=_blankCinnamon Carob Ice Cream/a

Kirby a Dorkie

4. Coconut Ice Cream

a href=http://kirbythedorkie.com/blog/2011/7/2/coconut-ice-cream.html target=_blankCoconut Ice Cream/a

Flickr / Gopal Venkatesan

5. Yogurt Melts

a href=http://kirbythedorkie.com/blog/2013/5/16/yogurt-melts.html target=_blankYogurt Melts/a

Kirby a Dorkie

6. Blueberry Ice Cream

a href=http://www.sugarthegoldenretriever.com/2011/05/blueberries-and-banana-frosty-paws-with/ target=_blankBlueberry Ice Cream/a

Golden Woofs

7. Strawberry Ice Cream

a href=http://dog-milk.com/dog-i-y-easy-three-ingredient-homemade-dog-ice-cream/ target=_blankStrawberry Ice Cream/a

Dog Milk

8. Fruity Ice Pups

a href=http://kirbythedorkie.com/blog/2011/6/17/fruity-ice-pups.html target=_blankFruity Ice Pups/a

Kirby a Dorkie

9. Peanut Butter and Bacon Ice Cream

a href=http://www.thecookierookie.com/puppy-ice-cream-purina-beggin-party-poppers/ target=_blankPeanut Butter and Bacon Ice Cream/a

The Cookie Rookie

10. Peanut Butter Flax Seed Pupsicles

a href=http://www.grrfeisty.com/2012/04/diy-pupsicles-for-your-pup.html target=_blankPeanut Butter Flax Seed Pupsicles/a


11. Vita Veggie Mashup

a href=http://kirbythedorkie.com/blog/vita-veggie-mashup target=_blankVita Veggie Mashup/a

Kirby a Dorkie

12. Chicken Ice Cream

a href=http://kolchakpuggle.com/2015/05/tasty-tuesday-chicken-ice-cream.html target=_blankChicken Ice Cream/a

Kol’s Notes

Sure, it competence be spoiling them a bit, though what’s a indicate of carrying a puppy if we aren’t going to spoil them? Every cutie deserves it formed on their darling faces alone, anyway.

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