15 Pets That Are Thoroughly Unimpressed With Their Halloween Costumes

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While putting together costumes for Halloween might be a blast for us, a same can’t always be pronounced for a pets.

Just since we consider a small buddies demeanour darling in their outfits doesn’t meant they do. In fact, costumes (or any garments in general) are pristine woe for some of them to endure, as evidenced by a hilariously unfortunate critters below.

These 15 cats and dogs might be all dressed adult for Halloween, though they really aren’t in a scary spirit.

1. “Get this crap off of me!”

Get this crap off of me!

Reddit / Futurehero317

2. “Are we finished degrading me yet?”

3. This puppy will kill that foolish pumpkin dress if it’s a final thing he does.