16 Actual Real-Life Events That’ll Make You Wonder How Anyone Lives In Florida

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Chances are you’ve substantially listened a word “only in Florida” by now in anxiety to a repute concerning rapist activity or weird happenings.

While there’s no denying that unfortunate incidents unequivocally do start there, a reason since we hear so many crazy stories about a state is since of a open-record laws that make many photos and videos (including mugshots) constructed by a open group most some-more simply permitted compared to other states. That said, there are copiousness of pleasant characters and incidents that helped Florida acquire a bad reputation.

If you’ve ever indispensable a reason to drive transparent of a Sunshine State, here are 16 ideal examples to get we started.

1. This awful tellurian being gunned down a barbershop owners in Mount Dora all since a male wouldn’t give him a $2.00 haircut.

2. This grand Florida lady takes highway fury to a whole new level. Warning: this video contains clever language.


3. There’s a reason this pointer is here…

There's a reason this pointer is here...

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