17 Times Cats Became One With Jesus By Crashing Nativity Scenes

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I didn’t utterly get around to decorating my residence this year, and partial of it is since we have animals.

My pets are so critical to me, though they can be a genuine pain in my behind when it comes to knocking down decorations. One normal emblem for those who applaud Christmas is a reproduction scene, though either it’s tiny or large, a bushy felines have a startling volume to contend about where they fit into that whole Mary-Joseph-Jesus equation. Here are 17 times kitties took over during Christmas.

1. Now that’s a deity I’m looking for.

Now that's a deity I'm looking for.

Kacper Pempel

2. He’s only here to bear declare to history.

He's only here to bear declare to history.


3. This wasn’t utterly in a Bible.

This wasn't utterly in a Bible.

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