22 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic That Every Owner Has Encountered

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As humans, we simply can’t sense a clearly flawless proof a cat friends have all shaped in their hairy small heads. Or during least, that’s how they see it. Sure, we might finish adult profitable in time and income and cleaning reserve after they’ve wreaked their darling havoc, though it’s unfit to stay insane during them once they twist adult in your lap.

And we have a feeling they know it. We’re wrapped around their hilarious, feathery paws.

1. Money good spent.

Reddit / fnordstar

2. What, do we wish them to starve?

Reddit / 10FCBfan

3. “Thanks for a new toy!”

Reddit / mypanda

4. She’s only unequivocally good trained.

Reddit / llsimonll

5. “This is unequivocally a easiest approach to do this.”

Reddit / Bowser914

6. Love triangles with rectangles.

Reddit / Wichitawesome

7. “How about if we kindly rest my scratch right here on your throat…”

Reddit / nilpil

8. The line between adore and hatred is unequivocally thin.

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9. “You’re going down, buddy.”

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10. “Hm, yes, this would demeanour improved on a floor.”

Reddit / Gabrielseifer

11. Sure, this is totally effective.

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12. “You’re right, reading is unequivocally relaxing.”

Reddit / Moggehh

13. There is no such thing as manspreading in a cat world.

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14. Time for his frequently scheduled 3:00 a.m. attack!

ePHOTOzine / turniptowers

15. “This won’t worry anyone during all.”

Imgur / HellMAD

16. “What? we got it for you!”

Cat Versus Human

17. They know dim sorcery when they see it.


18. Looks friendly to me.

Bored Panda

19. “Well, we pronounced a keyboard was off limits, so…”

Bored Panda

20. It’s a cat’s world, we only live in it.

Bored Panda

21. “The crater started it!”

Bored Panda

22. “Oh, is this a bad time?”

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You keep doing you, stupid cats. We’ll only be here watchful with a cameras ready.