25 Plead Not Guilty in Standoff during a Oregon Wildlife Refuge

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Protesters outward U.S. District Court in Portland, Ore., demanded a recover of a Bundys and others hold in custody.

Thomas Patterson for The New York Times

PORTLAND, Ore. — Defendants charged with heading an armed function during a sovereign wildlife retreat in farming southeastern Oregon this year rigourously pleaded not guilty on Wednesday in a conference here during Federal District Court, observant small and sitting obediently — a sheer contrariety to a days when they drew universe courtesy by broadcasting their perspective that a United States supervision had illegally usurped lands opposite a West.

The 25 group and women face adult to 6 years in jail on charges that they detained sovereign supervision employees from behaving their duties in occupying a Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in a 40-day standoff. At a pretrial conference on Wednesday, prosecutors in Federal District Court pronounced they still dictated to record some-more charges formed on justification collected after a final function holdouts surrendered progressing this month.

“The supervision anticipates that a find issues in defendants’ box will be some of a many difficult in a story of a district,” prosecutors pronounced in a filing with a justice progressing this week. Supporters of a defendants have pronounced a trial, that could start as early as mid-April, would be another venue for articulating a occupiers’ anti-government message.

But during Wednesday’s hearing, Judge Anna J. Brown, done it transparent that she would be in charge, and that grandstanding or loitering would not be tolerated. When an partner United States profession on a case, Ethan D. Knight, told a justice that 90 days of serve work lay forward in marshaling a new evidence, she told him flatly that that was too long.

“I do not intend to have this matter delayed,” Judge Brown said, adding, “Ninety days is over belief.”

The function group’s leader, Ammon Bundy — a lead suspect in a box — and his hermit Ryan were arrested in Jan and a function itself finished peacefully on Feb. 11. One occupier, LaVoy Finicum, was shot and killed after he attempted to run a military besiege during an detain operation and reached for a weapon, according to a F.B.I.’s account.

The Bundy brothers’ father, Cliven — who is also noticed as a personality among people in Western states who intent to supervision land tenure — was arrested progressing this month and faces apart charges in Nevada associated to a brawl with a authorities there in 2014 over his extending his cattle on open land but profitable fees.

In new weeks, Bundy supporters and allies have pronounced they hoped to put a concentration on supervision energy during a function trial. But Judge Brown clearly conveyed during Wednesday’s 90-minute conference that she was in charge, not a lawyers for possibly side — or a defendants themselves.

When Ammon Bundy stood adult during one point, for example, anticipating to privately residence a decider on a question, she snapped him behind in place and told him to lay down. He meekly complied.

When she asked a invulnerability lawyers if they had nonetheless perceived any justification from a charge — supposed find materials — and was told no, Judge Brown incited her gawk behind on a charge team.

“I need to know when, and we need to know now,” she said, perfectionist a date when they could yield a materials. When one of a partner United States attorneys told her 14 days, she snapped during him, too. “Can we do it in 10?” she said. She afterwards systematic charge to approve by a week from Friday. “They’ve been in control for weeks,” she said, referring to a defendants. “They need to get information.”

The prosecutors pronounced their justification was sprawling and complicated. It includes amicable media posts and videos taken during a occupation, as good as earthy materials collected by F.B.I. teams after a function ended.

Defense lawyers, who have pulpy for entrance to a retreat site, will be authorised to go on Thursday and Friday, underneath manners that were also discussed during Wednesday’s hearing. But when some suggested that a terms of a revisit were too constrictive, a decider called their evidence out of sequence and suppositious since a visits had not even taken place.

“You can’t uncover any mistreat yet,” Judge Brown said.

Several defendants did try to pronounce out during a hearing, including Jason Patrick, who was asked by a decider if he accepted his rights.

“I know we have no rights during all,” he responded. “You’re a sovereign government, you’re going to do whatever we want.”

Judge Brown let a criticism go by. But when one invulnerability counsel pronounced she feared that a mechanisms of coordination among a apart cases were problematic, a decider told a lawyers to that they would only have to make it work.

“You’re going to figure it out,” she said.