30 Times Chihuahuas Made The World A Much Better (And Much Funnier) Place

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I can’t trust I’m about to contend this, though Paris Hilton and her dog Tinkerbell flattering many done owning a chihuahua cold again.

Whether you’re carrying your little pooch around in your purse all day or simply lounging around a residence with your true messenger in your lap, chihuahuas are some of a many constant dogs out there. But don’t let their distance dope you, since chihuahuas are full of celebrity and they adore to uncover it off. These saucy, smart-alecky puppers are flattering many God’s present to pet owners, and it’s easy to see why.

Here are 30 chihuahuas with individualist personalities that’ll have we shouting all afternoon!

1. He could be a subsequent Bone-O!

2. “I’ve had it with your shit!”

3. That feeling when a wine catches adult to you.