3D Fabric Printer

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Electroloom Developer Kit is a apparatus for conceptualizing and production tradition 3D fabrics. There is no need for thread, needles, or sewing, users need usually some elementary CAD skills to pattern their patterns.


The technology reduces a normal weave production process. Instead of promulgation tender element by factories where it undergoes large estimate steps, now there is ability to directly modify tender element to finished good.


It is used an electrospinning routine to modify glass solutions into plain fibers that are afterwards deposited onto a 3D mold. This routine is called Field Guided Fabrication. An inner electric margin inside of a machine’s cover guides fibers onto a 3D shape, where they bond together.

3D printed material is stretchable and light, it’s stoical of large little fibers (on a micro and even nano-meter scale), definition all of your designs are guaranteed to flex, drape, and overlay only like fabrics do.

This dev pack launched with alpha units on KickStarter and reached a appropriation idea of $50.000. The early birds are labelled during $4.500, a estimated smoothness is on Mar of 2016.


Source: KickStarter