5 Reasons Why Canon EOS 80D Camera Is Made For Vlogging

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Vlogging is a intelligent approach to take a elementary thought and to spin it into a video on roughly each topic. However, a categorical waste of vlogs is that people are sharpened videos outward of an tangible studio environment, where lighting and sound can’t be controlled.

Without a right camera, too many time and appetite can be squandered on opposite things, that will make it roughly unfit to fire daily videos and we will shortly remove a enterprise to turn a YouTuber. That being said, it is critical to select a versatile and well-designed device like a Canon 80D, that has all a critical collection to assistance we with your vlogs. The following camera comes with a artistic set of collection and intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100 percent coverage. This device is good matched for holding still photos, as good as for vlogging, generally since it allows a users to fire Full HD videos during 60fps. So it is a camera matched to a needs of vloggers, and here are 5 unsentimental reasons why.

1. Powerful Autofocus Capabilities

While holding a pattern it’s critical to have a solid picture and a ability to adjust a concentration “On a Fly” that complicated cameras can do automatically. The ability to keep a transparent focused shot on a singular relocating chairman in a throng is critical since many objects do not sojourn stationary. To accomplish this Canon EOS 80D uses a absolute 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a new era of Dual Pixel AF in sequence to yield well-spoken and quick autofocus that thatch on a theme with a singular daub on an articulating screen. The following complement is impossibly accessible for bloggers since it allows a user to keep their courtesy on framing a tangible theme on a shade and not worrying about either it’s in concentration or not.

2. Articulating Touch Screen Monitor

The hardest partial of sharpened a daily vlog is that we always need to support your picture in a camera and infrequently it’s unequivocally tough to achieve, generally since infancy of supposed Best Vlogging Cameras don’t embody an articulating screen. However, a Canon 80D comes with a hold shade that rotates adult to 270 degrees plumb and 175 degrees horizontally, that creates it ideal for any form of conditions and what’s some-more critical we would be means to see your picture even if we are regulating a camera in selfie mode. So video can be shot from a accumulation of angles, though losing steer of what is on a guard shade itself. Another good reward is that a shade is hold supportive and displays a clearer picture even in splendid light, that creates it ideal for sharpened videos even outward of your studio.

3. Almost ideal ISO Range

ISO is an essential component for a photographers, generally for their artistic routine and it’s always severe to find a ideal lighting condition if we are sharpened videos outside. To solve this problem and yield even lighting conditions in all situations Canon 80D comes with an ISO operation of 100-12800 that is expandable to 16000/25600.  Moreover, camera facilities DIGIC 6 picture processor with noise-reduction record that provides superb lighting condition for sharpened youtube vlogs in any light conditions.

4. High Dynamic Range Movie Mode

If we wish to turn a veteran vloger we need to select a camera that can fire anywhere no matter a peculiarity of a light. The Canon ESO 80D uses High Dynamic Range to constraint dual opposite HD film frames during opposite bearing and afterwards a intelligent sensor combines this footage into one singular video for playback during 30fps. This underline is intensely accessible in contrariety lighting conditions when shadows sum and high operation of highlights need to be captured.

5. Wireless Control And Connectivity

The ability to control camera functions wirelessly regulating a smartphone or inscription is a acquire addition. It opens a lot some-more opportunities for a camera user to emanate overwhelming images while remotely determining a camera.  The EOS 80D uses a compress pattern for determining a new wireless interface, a giveaway app called Canon Camera Connect. In addition, to live camera perspective users can now upload and share images on opposite amicable media platforms yet Canon picture gateway system.  Also, a built-in  NFC  allows photographers to seamlessly bond a camera with countless android or IOS device to save opposite files and trade photos within in a minute.  The usually problem with a following complement is that it doesn’t concede to share videos by a Canon Camera Connect app.

Bonus: Casey Neistat has used it in their Vlogs

Casey Neistat was also regulating Canon 80D as a daily vlogging camera, though now he switched over to his 70D. The categorical reason since he didn’t like a 80D was a emanate with new firmware and he also complained about problems with a audio input, that seem to be cryptic while regulating dual opposite microphones. Feature-wise many photographers and video bloggers competence contend that Canon 80D doesn’t offer a poignant step adult from a predecessor. Despite a fact that autofocus complement has softened everybody was awaiting to see a 4k video, though unfortunately, we have to wait until Canon fixes those issues and finally upgrades picture sensor and processor to move 4k footage in their flagship models.

For The Vlogger Who Already Has Everything

At a end, if we are a looking to ascent your stream vlogging apparatus and deposit income in a some-more critical camera it’s a good choice, generally if  YouTube vlogging as a full-time pursuit for you.

The Canon 80D can also be a ideal choice if we are looking for an fan camera with an articulating touchscreen. Plus, it has roughly matching symbol blueprint that should be good news for Canon fans as they are used to prior models. All a switches yield low and some-more pleasing hold that is intensely gentle for sharpened videos. The Wi-Fi and NFC are also really acquire inclusions and a fact that Canon’s app is operative though any bugs creates it an ideal camera for any situation. The ISO operation has also increasing and now it can be stretched to 25,600 that is intensely accessible for sharpened in low light conditions. The support aegis has also increasing to 100 JPEGS and now we can get 25 RAWs instead of 16 compared to a 70D model.

However, a many critical offered indicate for Canon is that this camera is done quite for YouTube vloggers and people who adore sharpened videos during 30fps. The 80D can also constraint Full HD during 60fps though wanting any additional memory label or adjustment, that is since criterion is so renouned among famous photographers and vlogger opposite a world.

Written by Martin Agger

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