50 Shades of Grey author’s Twitter Q&A goes horribly wrong as readers doubt her on rape and abuse

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In sequence to proclaim her latest book from a “Fifty Shades” series, author EL James motionless to reason an ‘ask me anything’ event on Twitter. However, things for her, did not go as planned.

Courtesy: Facebook Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

Along with the usual elementary “what’s your favourite song” and “what do we like to do in your giveaway time” questions there were a few she substantially was not expecting. Twitter users saw this as a ideal event to ask her some critical questions, like job out a author on her impression Christian Grey’s stalker tendencies and a violent attribute he shares with a protagonist Anastasia Steele.

Most of a disastrous comments came from critics, former abuse victims and readers who intent to a approach in that a attribute between a characters is presented in a books.

And things got bad unequivocally quickly.

However there were some genuine fans out there participating.

Twitter came out in full support to those holding a author to charge on her books.

Well the heart goes out to her PR team.