50 years of Hilux – Toyota introduced a special book to applaud a considerable anniversary

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Toyota Hilux is an comprehensive legend. It is an intensely tough pickup truck, that cowed everything. It reached captivating North pole, it crossed deserts in Africa, it saw fight in Middle East. It was tested a series of times and was dynamic to be flattering many indestructible. And not it is branch 50 years old! What did Toyota ready for this considerable anniversary?

Hilux Invincible 50 Chrome Edition is now tangible since of a endless chrome package. Image credit: Toyota

Toyota Hilux was introduced behind in impetus 21st, 1968. At initial it was usually offering in Japanese market, though after one year of prolongation it reached Europe and after – a whole world. It was immediately famous as an intensely useful apparatus and became one of a many successful Toyota cars and pickup trucks in ubiquitous – in 50 years Toyota built some-more than 18 million Hiluxes. The direct is so good that Toyota has to furnish a Hilux in 6 opposite countries and sell it in 180 countries and regions around a globe. A outrageous partial of a success is a image.

Toyota Hilux is one of a best cars ever to win Dakar rally. It also reached Earth’s captivating North Pole and climbed an Icelandic volcano – these achievements were done on TopGear TV show, where it also valid to be one of a many arguable cars in a world. There were some failures, such as a moose exam disaster, though Toyota managed to overcome all of them and not it is introducing a ‘Invincible 50 Chrome Edition’ to applaud a anniversary. The special book Hilux seeks to concrete a picture of famous Quality, Durability and Reliability topic and turn rather of a collectors piece. However, it is not going to be a oppulance fondle – it will still suffer removing dirty.

This is how a Hilux is ostensible to demeanour like – it is a car that is not fearful to get dirty. Image credit: Toyota

As we can tell by a name of a special edition, Invincible 50 Chrome Edition Hilux will come with an endless chrome package. It has chrome high over bars and side bars with steps, a chrome front ensure and under-run. It also creates itself tangible with black buffer protectors housing 18″ amalgamate wheels with a machined face finish. There is a ‘Invincible 50 Chrome Edition’ badge on a front doorway as well.

Buyers will be means to select from a accumulation of comfort apparatus and infotainment options. Probably a best engine is 2.4 litre diesel, creation 110 kW of energy and 400 Nm of torque. Toyota hopes that people are going to buy this special book Hilux to do some work, since it already valid itself really useful in a 50 years of service.


Source: Toyota

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