$816.00 For A Scoop Of The World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream

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So only in box we have income blazing a hole in your self-evident slot or only had a blazing enterprise to ambience a world’s many costly ice cream. Your wish can be over during Scoopi Café in Dubai, where they will offer we a plate with genuine bullion (edible) sparkles on tip and let we keep your Versace play and spoon. Costing $816 per scoop, a Black Diamond sundae is deliberate to be a world’s many costly plate of ice cream.

The owners of a café apparently have mixture flown in from all over a universe over a five-week time duration in sequence to make a ice cream that is done with vanilla from Madagascar infused with Iranian saffron, slices of Italian truffle, and surfaced off with sprinkles done from 23K succulent gold.

image:  Scoopi Café Facebook