A Big, Scary Rottweiler Lunged At A Tiny Bunny…Then This Cuteness Happened

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If I’ve schooled anything from a accumulation of pets I’ve cared for via my life, it’s that they never destroy to warn you.

I was always underneath a sense that cats and dogs were mortal enemies, for example, though now that I’m vital peacefully with both (for a many part), we know this arrogance couldn’t be some-more wrong. While it always depends on a sold critters in question, a same can be pronounced for other animal pairs as well. Just ask these doubtful friends.

If we looked out into your backyard and saw this Rottweiler right subsequent to a bunny, we competence fear for a small creature’s life — that is, until we see a darling approach they play together.

Warning: this video might means we to go into cuteness overload. Viewer option is advised.


I could watch these cuties all day! It’s severely unfit not to grin during their stupid antics. Be certain to share this video with all your animal-loving friends!