A Busker Handed A Homeless Man His Mic. The Music They Made Together Is Stunning

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For travel musicians, called buskers, a days can be strike or miss.

When it’s cold outside, one can consternation because they’re even doing this and because they adore a enlightenment around travel performances so much. Still, we’ve all got to compensate a bills, and a tips can be what keeps people entrance out to perform.

A busker named Jonny Walker had seen a homeless male named Bernard Davey around utterly a bit. He was in a wheelchair, and he paid courtesy to his performances. Still, no one could have guessed what happened when Walker handed over a mic.

Walker and Davey belt out an impossibly pleasing delivery of “Summertime” together, and opportunely it was all held on video. Watch below.


Youtube / Johnny Walker

This pleasing confront happened on New Year’s Eve dual years ago. Here’s anticipating some sorcery happens for we this New Year!