A career in forgettable cameos: Here is FTII authority Gajendra Chauhan’s filmography

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That a Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is dissapoint over a appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as their new Chairman is an understatement. There have been protests and a students have left on an unfixed strike that has run into the fourth day now. Their primary grouse is that in an institute,  which has had a likes of Girish Karnad, Shyam Benegal, Rajkumar Hirani and Adoor Gopalkrishnan as alumni, a appointment of Gajendra Chauhan is a domestic scheme, designed to quell voices vicious of a government.

But before we outrage, what do we know about Gajendra Chauhan? Apart from a fact that he played Yudhishtir in a famous TV series Mahabharata in a late 80s and has served as a corner convener for enlightenment in a BJP, no one knows most about Chauhan. That’s partially since he doesn’t have many achievements to exaggerate of.

In fact, in a new assembly with FTII students, documentary filmmkaker Anand Patwardhan also speculated about Gajendra Chauhan’s credentials. According to this news by Bangalore Mirror, he said, “Chauhan has also acted in soothing porn cinema and we am not certain if this served as a gift for his appointment as a chairman.”

What are these “soft porn” films that Chauhan has been a partial of? A discerning peek during his IMDB form will exhibit that he has been a partial of many movies, of um, opposite types. It’s protected to contend he positively wasn’t fibbing about his career when he pronounced in an progressing Firstpost report, “I’m an actor first, for a past 34 years in a margin of arts.” However, a peculiarity of his behaving career is another story.

So here’s a demeanour during some of a films that Chauhan has been a partial of in these 34 years.

1. Jungle Love (1986)

Please lay down before we review a summary of a film, destined by one V. Menon, since it is not meant for a faint-hearted. Jungle Love revolves around a child who deserted in a jungle since he is believed to have been innate in an Amazonian state. There is a jungle value involved, and some unequivocally run-down animal-human interactions. Chauhan’s role? Some pointless timberland worker, who sports a permanent creepy look. See for yourself.

jungle lovejungle love



2. Khuli Khidki (1989)

When we hunt for this film on Youtube, a pivotal difference that cocktail adult along with a name of a film are “hot movie”, usually in box we were awaiting it to be some stirring square of amicable commentary. Thank we Youtube, we’ll keep note. All you’ll get to watch in Khuli Khidki are erotic scenes – justification of a many unfaithful affairs a story revolves around. Oh, there’s a murder poser tucked somewhere in it too, though who cares? Chauhan plays one of a many characters in a film suspected of murder. Watch a film here.



3. Janam Se Pehle (1994)

Gajendra Chauhan’s list of insignificant roles continues in this 1994 film where he gets murdered in initial 10 mins by Raj Babbar. There’s not most on a internet about Janam Se Pehle but all we know is that it’s a thriller of some sort, and Chauhan was usually one of a few group that Babbar had a agreement to kill. Watch a film here.



4. Kaala Sach (1995)

This author had to meticulously go by a grainy imitation of a whole film on YouTube to find a hide peak of Chauhan. While fast-forwarding through, one could tell a film is radically a adore story and it has a satisfactory share of hurdles. Chauhan’s make a miss-able cameo as a alloy in a film. Watch it here.


5. Dil Ka Sauda (1999)

Woot, woot! Gajendra Chauhan and Rakhi Sawant in one film! Dil Ka Sauda is a quintessential two-lovers stranded in a large bad universe Bollywood film. Rakhi Sawant plays a bechari heroine – who would have thunk! There’s Raza Murad who’s a immorality bad male and an favourite  we can’t recognise. Our male Gajendra Chauhan is shown to be Raza Murad’s crony in a film, who eyes a heroines in a creepy manner. Again, simply miss-able cameo. Watch a film here.

raza muradraza murad


6. Rupa Rani Ramkali (2001)

The usually common thing about all these films detached from Gajendra Chauhan is that there’s no awake plots in them – they are as rough as a new FTII chief’s behaving career. Rupa Rani Ramkali seems to be a film about women breaking out of their normal roles and apropos womanlike dons. The environment is farming and Chauhan creates an coming 15 mins into a film, sporting a badass beard in his cameo. Watch a film here.


7. Baghban (2003)

More recently, in a Amitabh-Bachchan, Hema-Malini film Baghban, Gajendra Chauhan is seen personification a automobile salesmen in a second half of a film. In a scene, he urges Amitabh and Hema to take a exam expostulate of a car. He looks visibly older, and was most easier to mark in this one. Also, he gets slapped by Salman Khan.