A Cat-Loving Pit Bull Finally Gets His Dream Gift…A Fluffy, Baby Kitten

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If you’ve always believed that dogs don’t like cats, we need to see this cutie:


Okay…so maybe he only wanted a provide or to go outside, yet in genuine life, some dogs do indeed adore carrying a small small flint round around all a time. Take Bubba, for instance…

The darling array longhorn was discovered from a preserve in Phoenix, Arizona, and immediately entered a home filled with a spawn of kittens.

Say hello to Bubba!

When he was rescued, his new mom brought him home to a residence full of wandering kittens.

Her roommate had taken in a spawn to get them prepared for new homes. Bubba took an evident fondness to his bushy friends.

When they were all adopted out, though, they left a small hole in a cutie’s heart.

So when his mom changed them opposite a country, she motionless it was time to acquire a new family member…

Rue, a small discovered kitten, and Bubba (obviously) strike it off right away.

“She’s allll mine!”

This snooze is too lovable to handle!

Bubba is really protecting of his new baby…and Rue doesn’t seem to mind it one bit.

The clinging father loves to give Rue baths.

Because of his gentle, doting nature, a small kitten believes Bubba is her mom.

(via The Dodo)

Bubba and Rue’s tellurian mom told The Dodo, “If we travel divided somewhere, [Bubba] always follows me. Now we will say, ‘Go watch your sister,’ and he turns around and goes and watches where she is.” How lovable is that?

If you’d like to follow along with this darling small fur family, we can do so around their Instagram account. We can’t wait to watch them grow adult together!