A few films where Jimmy sheirgill does finish adult removing a girl, distinct in ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’

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Bollywood actor Jimmy Sheirgill, who stars in a film Happy Bhag Jayegi plays a husband whose bride ditches him on his marriage day. Jimmy roughly always loses out on removing a lady during a finish of roughly each film he has starred in, and Times of India even interviewed him about this. “Yes, girls run divided from me. What can we do about it?” he told a interviewer.

While a ‘why doesn’t Jimmy Sheirgill ever get a girl’ memes certain are funny, here are a few films where he did finish adult removing a girl.

Yahaan (2005)


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Minissha Lamba plays a Kashmiri lady ripped between her army officer partner Aman (Jimmy Shergill) and her hermit Shakeel, who is a suspected terrorist. Trouble ensues when Aman’s superiors come to know of his impasse with a sister of a militant and implicate him as an accomplice.

Though a film competence or competence not have a happy ending, Minissha Lamba doesn’t leave Jimmy Sheirgill for another man.

Haasil (2003)


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A film about college politics has Anirudh (Jimmy Shergill) tumble in adore with Niharika (Hrishitaa Bhatt) . Unfortunately, Anirudh gets held adult between two opposition domestic gangs in college headed by Gaurishankar Pandey (Ashutosh Rana) and Ranvijay Singh(Irrfan Khan).

Fortunately a attribute survives a tyro politics. People mostly skip out on Jimmy Shergill in this film since of a stellar performances by Ashutosh Rana and Irrfan Khan.



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Sheirgill wins a lady and how?! Sheirgill as Karan does not give adult compartment a end, notwithstanding meaningful that Kiran played by Preeti Jhangiani, is already married. Overcoming a hurdles and complications and with nothing other than King Khan’s support, he finally gets a girl. He is indeed a lovable chocolate boy, who wins over a adore of his life. Yes, there is a lot of waiting, though he does it.

So infrequently there’s a happy finale for Jimmy Sheirgill too!