A Little Girl Decided To Make Her Own Prosthetic With A 3-D Printer

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Eleven-year-old Baylee Abbott might be blank fingers on one hand, though what she lacks in physicality, she creates adult for tenfold in intelligence. After regulating prosthetics for her whole life, she came opposite a plan called Enabling a Future, that gave her an idea. She could build her possess tradition prosthetics with a small assistance from 3-D copy technology.

Once she figured out a simple principles, she enlisted a assistance of a folks during DoES Liverpool. Together, they came adult with a prosthetic that could change thousands of lives.


Not usually did Baylee come adult with a great, unsentimental apparatus for her to use each day, though she also found a approach to demonstrate her creativity. She’s clearly a crafty small one, and we can’t wait to see what she comes adult with next!