A Man Started Petting His Horse On The Neck, Then Something Hilarious Happened

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Kitties venerate conduct scratches, puppies venerate swell rubs…but what about horses?

Our equestrian friends, as it turns out, really, REALLY venerate neck rubs. Or during slightest this equine does. He’s so bending on them, he won’t let his tellurian stop giving them. And distinct a cat or a dog, he’s unequivocally large adequate to direct more!

“Nope! You’re not authorised to leave!”

“Where do we consider you’re going, mister?”

Where do we consider you're going, mister?


This is too cute! He unequivocally does venerate those scratches. Don’t worry, Levi, tomorrow will certainly move another day full of courtesy and, yes, neck pets.