A Man Was Spotted Scolding A Black Swan At This Lake — And For Good Reason

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Earlier this summer, Simon from a Wildlife Aid Foundation had a box of surprising bullying on his hands while releasing a greylag gosling to his new home. The baby crow had been recuperating during Simon’s animal rescue center, and after a few months, he was prepared to join a healthy race of greylags on a pleasing lake.

But seconds after a dauntless small crow jumped into a water, a territorial black swan came over to uncover him who’s boss. Fortunately, Simon came to a gosling’s rescue and explained a conditions to a assertive bird.


Never in my life have we seen someone fortify a furious animal like this. All he did was put on his sternest voice and zany his finger a bit to make a swan stop! Let’s only wish that things get easier for a crow as time goes on.