‘Aaj toh bach gaye’: Gau rakshaks bluster Mumbai male for carrying bag done of ‘cow leather’

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Whoever suspicion that a jingoism going on in a name of cow vigilantism is a story from a yonder, something too rustic to upset a urbane, is up for a surprise. And not a pleasant one during that!

If this story narrated by a male hailing from Assam is to be believed, a self-assumed cow vigilantes (whom Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently termed “anti-social) have widespread their tentacles in Mumbai as good and are not ashamed to levy their gau-friendly “rules” openly.

The occurrence happened in Amboli area of Andheri West, when a artistic executive with a prolongation residence in Mumbai, Barun Kashyap was going about his day like any other. On a morning of 19 August, Barun took an automobile on his proceed to work. The auto-driver, in Barun’s words, “was curious” about his prolonged hair and pierced nose.” By proceed of infrequent conversation, or so we suspicion while reading Barun’s post, a motorist asked him about his local place. But a auto-driver shortly mislaid seductiveness and instead focused on a leather behind that Barun was carrying with him.

“He incited around and saw my leather bag. Then he leaned to overwhelmed my bag and resolved it was done of cow leather,” Barun pronounced in his Facebook post.

Barun Kashyap hails from Assam and works in Mumbai. Image courtesy: FacebookBarun Kashyap hails from Assam and works in Mumbai. Image courtesy: Facebook

Barun Kashyap hails from Assam and works in Mumbai. Image courtesy: Facebook

While he attempted to rebut a explain and pronounced a bag was done of camel hide, a motorist remained unconvinced. Soon, much to Barun’s horror, a auto-driver stopped during a tiny church notwithstanding his steady protests. Three men, sporting tilaks on their front approached a automobile and were fast familiar of a conditions by a driver. They poked in their heads to check a element of a bag for themselves. “When we was bustling protesting, one of a guys came to a other side of a automobile and started checking my bag,” reads Barun’s narrration of his distress that perceived hundreds of reactions from angry people.

The organisation afterwards asked Barun his name, that he told them. But apparently that was not acceptable enough.

“What’s your full name was a subsequent question…. Barun Kashyap Bhuyan.. The man looked during a other dual and pronounced something in Marathi, out of that we could usually know a word ‘Brahmin’,” says Barun in his post. 

The organisation apparently resolved that Barun was a Brahmin and therefore spared him.

The occurrence in itself is not half as frightful as a audacity with that a auto-driver walked away. “Aaj to bach gaye (You were spared today),” was a driver’s response when Barun asked for his phone number. The auto-driver did not demur in giving his phone series either.

Incidentally, Kashyap deleted a post though here’s a screenshot of a post.

barun kashyap screenshot

barun kashyap screenshot

According to a news published in News 18, Barun has lodged a censure in a Amboli military hire though a military pronounced there was no cognisable corruption committed for them to record a report. “There was no corruption to board an FIR. We have only purebred a non cognizable corruption report. Investigation is on,” military sources told News 18.

Atrocities opposite Dalit by a contentious gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) has been a vital regard for a Narendra Modi-led supervision during a Centre. An joined Opposition has constantly been raking adult a emanate and a supervision has come underneath glow for a non-reactive proceed towards these vigilante group.

The occurrence also comes days after a Home Ministry burst a whip on cow vigilantism, seeking states not to endure anyone holding law into their hands in a name of safeguarding cows and to take prompt movement opposite such offenders.

The Ministry advisory comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi pounded these supposed gau rakshaks and asked people to beware of these ‘fake’ protectors perplexing to order a multitude and a country. After progressing a controversial overpower on a issue, Modi again done a matter in Telangana opposite a self-proclaimed vigilante groups. “These people are hell-bent on destroying a multitude and are uneasy by a togetherness of India. These people, in a name of gau rakhsha, are perplexing to emanate dispute in a society,” he said.

He done these comments after his supervision and BJP came underneath conflict over incidents of assault opposite Dalits and Muslims by gau rakshaks in several states, including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.