AAP is out with a new ad and BJP, Najeeb Jung should be really scared

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It’s not easy to be a Aam Aadmi Party. Much like a heroine in a saas bahu soap, a celebration is perennially fighting and spasmodic sobbing. When a party’s possess people are not withdrawal it, a ministers are being pulled adult for furnishing feign graduation certificates. When a Modi supervision is not bothering it, Delhi’s major administrator is pushing bad AAP adult a wall.

Now a celebration has come adult with a new announcement that should make a detractors really afraid. It shows a fan of a party, really upset with a other immorality army in a star who have been bothering ‘Arvind’. Since there is no one solely a TV-addict father during home to diatribe to, she grumbles to herself and does this:


Who wants to be in a place of a lauki? No one, right?

This new commercial, that is being aired in inhabitant television, shows a aam aaurat in a string saree. As a ad begins, she is shown wistfully returning a cauliflower to a unfeeling businessman after shopping it. When we have to lapse a changed cauliflower to a veggie vendor, life can’t be great, right? Right.

But like all good stories, there’s light during a finish of a tunnel. As she earnings home, anguish over a cauliflower and afterwards using into a father glued to a TV, she apparently feels that her life is terrible. And afterwards she realises that a electricity check has been delivered to a house. As she unfolds it with terror and we design her face to morph into a tears Nirupa Roy’s, though her face indeed lights adult with glee. When was a final time someone had looked so blissful to have perceived an electricity bill? Never.

A screengrab from a AAP ad. A screengrab from a AAP ad.

A screengrab from a AAP ad.

That’s since a sorceress of pleasant electricity bills have not been a arch apportion in a states we have lived in. Arvind Kejriwal has never been your CM.

The lady in a ad squeals in joviality and tells us that a electricity check underneath Arvind Kejriwal’s order has been really reasonable, distinct prior years when profitable a check left a family bankrupt.

Flushed with new assets therefore, a lady in doubt soon buys a lauki (gourd) to make adult for a mislaid cauliflower. But what does she see when she earnings home? The father is still glued to a TV and some immorality people are observant meant things about a male who put a lauki on a family’s plate.

Disgruntled, she goes into a kitchen, brutally skinning a lauki and creation a subzi with it. It’s surprising that a subzi even got cooked, given how she was literally defeat a kadhai with a spatula while distracted during Kejriwal’s critics.

The ad concludes with a lady exhorting a army to be with Kejriwal and revelation a viewers to join a AAP in finale a enlightenment of bribery. Najeeb Jung and BJP supporters, on their part, should urge they never run into a lady from a announcement on a streets.