Accusations since we attempted violation contractors lobby: Pankaja Munde on ‘chikki’ scam

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New Delhi: Accused of impasse in a ‘scam’ for clearing purchases value Rs 206 crore but mouth-watering tenders, Maharashtra Minister Pankaja Munde on Saturday shot back, claiming her efforts to mangle a reason of contractors’ run on a Women and Child Development (WCD Department had annoyed such accusations.

She also demanded that those who have done a allegations come adult with explanation to justify a charges. “Where is a proof?” she asked, and claimed no procedures were ignored by a department. “There is a big, outrageous run of contractors in this department. we think, for years they have been using this department. And somewhere we am violation that. we am doing despotic inspection, we am doing despotic categorisation of these activities and that is because somewhere this is function and that is what we am really really transparent about,” a Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister claimed.

Image courtesy: IBN LokmatImage courtesy: IBN Lokmat

Image courtesy: IBN Lokmat

“What they are articulate is vague. They are observant all Rs 206 crores we am spending is all scam. we am not here to do scam, we am here to assistance those kids. we am here to infer myself,” Munde told a TV channel from London. The apportion pronounced she reputable a questions lifted by a antithesis and created replies have already been given.

“I am not here to pervert or foster someone or give someone some contract, we am here to broach for those kids,” Munde said, emphasising that she worked and cared for children even before apropos a minister. Maharashtra Congress orator Sachin Sawant had progressing this week submitted a censure to a Anti-Corruption Bureau alleging violations in purchases done by WCD department. Munde was purported to have privileged purchases value Rs 206 crore on a singular day in Feb by 24 Government Resolutions instead of mouth-watering tenders.

All supervision purchases in Maharashtra above Rs 3 lakh are mandated to be done after mouth-watering e-tenders. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, however, pronounced no irregularities had been “prima facie” cabinet by Munde and supports postulated by a Centre underneath Integrated Child Development Services were about to end in March. Moreover, a use of e-tendering was introduceD by his supervision in Apr this year.

A horde of items, including snacks, books, mats, dishes and H2O filters were purchased for several institutions opposite a state underneath ICDS. Munde also denied allegations associated to irregularities in buying of H2O filters by her ministry. “Water filters….am we not ostensible to give purify H2O to anganwadis?” she said.

Referring to an occurrence associated to decay of ‘chikkis’ (peanut candies) meant for children, she said,” This one small occurrence happened does not meant a whole lot is contaminated, a whole thing is going opposite children’s health. we will never ever bear that, if it happens, they will be criminialized also and there will be despotic action.”