Add Gesture Control To Any Smartwatch

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Deus Ex Aria lets we control your inclination with elementary finger gestures. The technology recognizes finger gestures from a wrist interjection to a covering of sensors, which interpret a transformation of a tendons, afterwards the algorithm classifies a gesture. The tendon proceed is selected because, it is some-more accurate and reliable, a sensors are smaller and some-more comfortable, and it works with sweat, H2O and tattoos.


Communication between a Deus Ex Aria and a smartwatch is determined by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) record that connects a Deus Ex Aria Clip to a smartphone. The smartphone afterwards controls a smartwatch with a submit entrance from Deus Ex Aria.

Inside Deus Ex Aria are sensors, DSP chip, BLE procedure (SDK available) and  battery, that life now lasts some-more than 24 hours of continual activation.

Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap For Pebble Time

The Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap communicates directly with Pebble Time by a Serial Interface. It has sensors inside and DSP chip (with sequence interface – datasheet to be given).  The strap’s energy expenditure is now of around 15% of a altogether battery life of your Pebble Time.

Recognition Algorithm


It needs a brief calibration routine before it can commend your gestures. During calibration we will be asked to perform a customizable set of gestures and allot them to commands of your choice.

Software Design – OPEN-SOURCE

Deus Ex Aria severely expands possibilities for wearable apps, building on tip of a Deus Ex Aria SDK. There are grown some apps:

The plan debate is entirely corroborated on a Kickstarter and already reached a appropriation idea of $100.000, a early bird pricing are gone, though we can still collect it adult a Deus Ex Aria for Android for $129. Estimated smoothness is on Jun of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter