Adele Disguised As An Adele Impersonator Surprises Other Adele Impersonators

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Celebrities…they’re only like us, right? we mean, yeah, if you’re also disgustingly abounding and have people who fake to be we as their hobby or even profession…

While they might not be exactly a equals, it is good when stars like Adele do something to warn some of their biggest fans. When a famous British songstress got breeze that some of her impersonators were removing together for a singing competition, she motionless to warn them in a many convoluted, though admittedly awesome, approach possible. Just watch!


This greeting is a best.

This greeting is a best.

YouTube / BBC

How extraordinary is that?! She kept her cold for so long. Plus, we could unequivocally tell how beholden all a “Adeles” were to be in her presence.