Adorable Footage Of A Crow Getting Groomed Is Oddly Relaxing To Watch

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Owning a bluster wouldn’t accurately be high on my pet wish list, though after saying darling moments like this, we might have to reconsider!

Crows are famous for being those loud, repulsive squawkers that arise us adult from atop a energy lines and scavenge for highway kill meals, though while they might not have a best rap, it’s transparent to see that crows only wish to be �lite like a rest of us! Also, fun fact: They’re INCREDIBLY intelligent.

In a shave aptly set to a strain “Love Me Tender,” a loose bluster can be seen removing a much-needed bathing from a favorite human.

This is overtly so gratifying to watch.


Well if zero else, during slightest we know that a subsequent time a group of crows wakes we adult before your alarm, they substantially only wish some TLC.