Adorable Pup Rings In The New Year By Singing Along To Auld Lang Syne

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With any new year comes a event to reinvent yourself and finally contend out with a aged and in with a new.

But while many of us are already struggling to make it to a gym or watch what we eat, this pooch is starting this year out right by singing his small heart out. For Fabio a chihuahua, it wouldn’t be New Year’s Day but singing along to a Robert Burns song, “Auld Lang Syne.”

As a bagpipes play along in a background, Fabio can be listened utterance out a records in a cutest approach possible.

(via Daily Mail)

I consider it’s protected to contend that Fabio deserves a primetime mark singing during one of a many televised New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2019. Mariah, step aside queen.