Adrien Broner Was No ‘Problem’ for Shawn Porter

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The much-anticipated bout, Adrien “The Problem” Broner, was no problem for “Showtime” Shawn Porter on Saturday night, Jun 20. The Broner vs. Porter fighting compare was a categorical eventuality on a superb quarrel label that kicked off a fighting this Father’s Day weekend live from a MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Premiere Boxing Champions (PBC) televised on NBC during 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT. The other categorical fighting compare on a label was one between a dominant 2012 Olympian Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. vs. Phil Lo Greco. Roberto Garcia had been scheduled to quarrel Spence, nonetheless pulled out of a compare due to personal reasons.

Porter had to determine to weighing in during 144 pounds in sequence to get Broner to quarrel him. He done a weight, nonetheless he has pronounced that he thinks that Broner wanted him to dump to 144 from around 147 since he nonetheless Porter would be easier to kick and weaker. Porter insisted that he felt as clever as ever, though, and he believed that he will win a fight. Some people are pursuit a hitch “The Battle of Ohio,” as both Porter and Broner are locals of a state.

Sugar Ray Leonard was one of a commentators on a fighting tonight. The initial fighting compare on Saturday Jun 20 from a MGM Grand on PBC on NBC was Spence opposite “The Italian Sensation” Lo Greco. Spence had not been certain who he would quarrel 3 days ago, nonetheless he was assured during a start of a night that he would get a win.

Lo Greco, 30, mislaid to Shawn Porter, a usually detriment on his record. He had suspicion for a while that he competence stop fighting. Later, he reconsidered his decision, and he settled he was blissful to get this possibility to quarrel on PBC on NBC and eventually get a pretension match.



Toronto-born Lo Greco was introduced first. He deliberate this quarrel to be his “golden opportunity.” He was in a red corner, wearing stately blue trunks

Spence Jr. was afterwards introduced. He claims he was “not fazed” by a change in who he was going to be boxing. He was in a blue dilemma wearing black, red and bullion trunks. The fighting compare was scheduled for 10 rounds.

Round One: Spence Jr. was a southpaw, nonetheless Lo Greco has fought southpaws before, and is reportedly used to fighting them. Lo Greco come out aggressively, throwing his right palm mostly in a initial round, nonetheless he did not bond with many of his punches. Spence spent many of a initial turn removing used to Lo Greco’s style, nonetheless he did chuck a few punches of his own.



Round Two: Spence landed a few physique blows early in a second round, handling to finally get inside a unbending left arm that Lo Greco had been perplexing to use to keep Spence during a distance. Spence kept assertive Lo Greco’s body, and corroborated him adult into a ropes. In a core of a ring, Spence continued to lambaste Lo Greco’s body, and got in a good punch to his jaw late in a round.

Round Three: Thirteen of Spence’s wins have come within a initial 4 rounds, according to a announcers. Soon after that was said, Spence knocked Lo Greco down with a absolute right. However, Lo Greco got up, and seemed ticked off, and re-energized. He corroborated Spence up, holding a quarrel to him. Lo Greco’s legs were wobbly, though, and Spence got him behind adult into a ropes, punching his physique repeatedly. The arbitrate stopped a fight, and Spence remained unbeaten.

The quarrel was stopped during 1:50 into a third round. The leader was Spence Jr. by a TKO. He called lo Greco “a tough fighter.” He settled that “go to a physique is always a diversion plan” Then, he pronounced he “went upstairs to a head,” and he got his initial knockdown opposite Lo Greco.



The second fighting compare on PBC on NBC was Terrell Gausha vs. Luis Grajeda. It would be an 8 turn quarrel in a Junior Middleweight division. In a red dilemma wearing white-and-black was Grajeda. In a blue corner, from a 2012 Olympics, was Gausha, with black-and-gold trunks.

Round One: Both boxers came out throwing punches. The arbitrate stopped a quarrel often, for a conduct boundary early on, and for other reasons later. Though a boxers any landed some good punches, a turn was close, and a upsurge kept removing interrupted by a ref interlude a fight.

Round Two: Grajeda got in a few good punches early into a round, nonetheless Gausha blocked many of them and countered with combinations of his own. Gausha was carrying success going to a physique of Grajeda, and he landed a clever right to Grajeda’s head. The punch did not seem to harm Grajeda, though, and both boxers done it to a finish of a second round. Grajeda got in a good uppercut, as well, and he stayed really many in a fight.

Round Three: The third round, Gausha blocked punches from Grajeda. Gausha strike him with a absolute right, and knocked Grajeda down. The ref gave him an 8-count, and asked if he “was good” to continue on. Grajeda replied “Yes” and a turn continued. Gausha strike Grajeda with another good right hand, nonetheless he did not get a KO he wanted utterly yet.

Round Four: Grajeda came out during a start of a turn perplexing to be as assertive as ever, nonetheless Gausha kept on carrying success with alighting physique shots and spasmodic rights to Grajeda’s head. Grajeda afterwards landed a few physique shots of his own, display a lot of suggestion and perseverance.

Round Five: Gausha came out strong, operative his left jab, attempting to set adult for his right hand. Gausha had seemed astounded that Grajeda had done a quip from removing knocked down, nonetheless Gausha seemed to have practiced to that by a fifth round. Both Gausha and Grajeda landed some punches during this round, nonetheless nothing seemed to have many impact on a other boxer.

Round Six: Gausha again led with his left hand, perplexing to set adult his right. Grajeda was behind in a fight, carrying survived Gausha’s progressing onslaught. Gausha ducked a few punches by Grajeda, who was looking to bond with shots to Gausha’s conduct to strike him out. Unofficially, a quarrel cards were display that Gausha was winning any of a rounds, nonetheless Grajeda was giving a good display of himself.

Round Seven: Grajeda had a small bit of transformation going into a seventh round. He looked like he was gaining some-more confidence. Gausha had some-more rebound to his step, nonetheless Grajeda was proof to be a stronger competition than Gausha had anticipated.

Gausha was still alighting twice as many “power punches” in comparison to Grajeda, though. With usually one turn to go, a usually approach that Grajeda could get a win would be by a KO.

Round Eight: Grajeda came out looking for a KO, nonetheless Gausha would have nothing of it. Early in a round, Grajeda tranquil a tempo, nonetheless he was not alighting many of his punches. Gausha threw some good combinations, nonetheless Grajeda lasted to a finish of a turn and a fight.

The quarrel was 78-73 on on label and 79-72 on a other dual cards of a judges. By unanimous decision, a PBC on NBC fighting compare was won by Gausha.

Next adult was a categorical event, a welterweight bout, Broner vs. Porter. There were fireworks during their final press conference, when Broner talked about he should get paid twice, as he was fighting “two Porters,” not usually Shawn nonetheless also his father, who was Shawn’s trainer. He pronounced he will kick Porter afterwards offer him a pursuit and pointer him up.

Porter pronounced “it was not a problem” entrance down in weight to quarrel Broner. He pronounced that “there is energy in stillness,” and during his fight, he will let his “hands do a talking.”

“Showtime” Shawn Porter done his approach to a ring first. Black Sabbath’s Iron Man played as he entered a ring. He was wearing a red, blue and gold-colored robe.

Adrien “The Problem” Broner afterwards entered a ring. He considers himself “the successor apparent” to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He wore a white-and-gold robe. Both fighters had “re-hydrated” and were many heavier than they were during their weigh-in.

Porter was introduced first, fighting out of a red corner, he wore red, blue and bullion trunks. “The Problem,” fighting out of a blue corner, had on white trunks embellished with gold. Porter was certain he would solve “The Problem,” and that he would be no problem for him.



Round One: Broner led with his left hand, subsidy Porter adult during a commencement of a initial round. Neither fighter landed any punches for a initial few seconds of a bout. Porter afterwards rushed in on Broner, conflict his chin with a left hook, and wanting to finish a quarrel quickly. The ref stopped a hitch momentarily, and a quarrel continued. The boxers clenched up, afterwards any threw a few good punches, nonetheless there was not many time left in a round.

Round Two: Porter had an considerable initial round. Broner got in tighten and landed a few shots to Porter’s body. The boxers would clench, and a ref would stop a quarrel quickly a integrate of times. Porter landed a integrate of good physique shots then, and a good right palm to his face. Porter corroborated “The Problem” adult into a ropes.

Broner threw some good combinations, nonetheless not until toward a finish of a second round. Both boxers were still going clever by a finish of a second.



Round Three: Porter got in a few good physique shots during nonetheless another clench. Porter wanted to set a tempo. He corroborated “The Problem” adult again. Porter got in some some-more physique shots. Broner landed some punches, nonetheless he was not being scarcely as assertive so far, in comparison to Porter.

Round Four: Porter came in strongly on Broner, after “The Problem” suffered a slip. Porter attempted to finish Broner off, nonetheless Broner kept removing Porter in clenches.

One announcer pronounced a ref was “being too magnanimous with Broner,” vouchsafing him get divided with too much. Still, even in a clenches, Porter would get his hands giveaway and land physique shots and spasmodic a integrate of conduct shots.

Round Five: Broner landed a good left nonetheless Porter corroborated “The Problem” adult into a ropes again. Porter already has landed twice as many energy punches, one of a announcers said. Porter had a “herky jerky” arrange of transformation that “The Problem” was carrying a formidable time reckoning out. Porter rushed in on Broner again towards a final seconds, alighting a integrate of combinations.

Round Six: Porter’s father pronounced “He can't harm you,” before a start of a round. Porter landed a good right hand, and both boxers were many some-more aggressive. Porter kept operative Broner’s body, and “The Problem” clearly was worried and experiencing problems with Porter entrance in closely on him. Broner got in a left to Porter’s face, nonetheless Porter still landed many of his punches, including a tough poke towards a finish of Round Six.

Round Seven: Broner knew he had to start alighting some-more of his punches, nonetheless Porter was as assertive as ever, entrance in on “The Problem.” Porter landed some-more physique shots and he got in a good left poke to Broner’s face. “The Problem” landed a multiple to Porter’s face, and a integrate of physique shots in a final few seconds. It was a closer round, nonetheless “Showtime” still landed some-more punches.

Round Eight: Porter got in utterly a few physique shots when Broner attempted to clutch him adult again. Broner’s apparent plan of preventing Porter from alighting punches by removing him into clenches was not working, during all.

“Showtime” competence not have been spiteful “The Problem,” nonetheless he kept alighting a aloft commission of his punches. Porter sundry his attack, going to Broner’s physique and alighting a few punches after that to Broner’s face. Broner did land a integrate of punches to Porter’s face, though.

Round Nine: Broner got warned by a ref again, when he attempted to force Porter with his left palm to Porter’s face. “The Problem” got behind adult again as Porter continued landed flurries of physique shots. Broner landed some opposite shots of his own, staying in a fight.

Round Ten: Porter kept entrance in on Broner, still looking fresh. Broner landed a opposite left offshoot to Porter’s face. Broner got strike by a clever left palm from Porter. Porter went to Broner’s ribs again, whenever Broner attempted to reason onto him. Porter got in a good overhand right during a round, also.



Round Eleven: Porter has usually been in dual fights that have left over Round Ten. Broner got in integrate of combinations to Porter’s face, nonetheless Porter continued carrying success subsidy Broner adult and alighting physique shots. Then, Porter got in a good right palm to Porter’s face tighten to a finish of a round. The quarrel looked like it was all Porter’s to this point.



Round Twelve: Broner need a KO to win. He landed a really absolute left offshoot to Porter’s face, and a ref gave Porter a station 8 count. Porter continued fighting, nonetheless Porter had left down for a initial time in his career. Porter corroborated “The Problem” adult nonetheless behind int a center of a ring, Broner landed another left hand. Porter landed some-more physique blows, and Broner kept on removing him in clenches. Broner got in a few good punches to Porter’s conduct during a finish of a round, expected winning a round.

The initial decider scored a hitch 114-112, a second decider scored it 115-111, and a third decider scored a hitch 118-108. By unanimous decision, Porter won a fight. Porter pronounced that his father “wanted a quicker pace,” so that was how he fought a fight. Porter’s father pronounced that “Shawn showed a champion’s heart by entrance behind after he knocked down.”



Broner pronounced “Great champions can take a detriment and a win.” He still talked about wanting to quarrel opposite anybody. “The Problem” came tighten to winning a fighting compare by knocking Porter down in a twelfth, nonetheless Porter continued on and was announced a leader on all 3 of a judges’ measure cards.

This Saturday night live from a MGM Grand in Las Vegas on PBC on NBC, Broner was no problem for Porter, as Porter got a feat by unanimous decision. The progressing fights were also action-packed, with Spence Jr. removing a win over Lo Greco with a TKO in a third round. Gausha had problems of his own, fighting Grajeda, nonetheless he eventually won by removing an unanimous preference by entrance out forward on all 3 of a judges’ measure cards.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Photos Courtesy of Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions