Advancing a Safe Use of Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge

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Johnson Johnson’s Office of a Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) works to safeguard that a reserve information underpinning all a product are scientifically sound and robust; following from that, it is also an OCMO priority to yield medical practitioners, physicians, surgeons, patients and consumers with a many ominous information and bargain of a reserve of a products so that they might make good sensitive medical decisions.

To that end, Johnson Johnson Innovation and a OCMO are looking to prerogative adult to $200,000 in mixed grants, and one year of JLABS space, to a people or teams who contention a best ideas on how to educate, surprise and yield clarity around medical product safety.

Solutions will be evaluated by a row of reviewers and judges on their ability to accommodate a following criteria:

  • Potential to impact medical outcomes / pierce a needle on medical safety
  • Uniqueness of resolution turn of foe in stream market
  • Quality feasibility of technology
  • Team credit capabilities
  • Clarity of plan: Milestones tangible go/no go decisions

Deadline to request is May 24, 2017
Winner(s) will be announced in November

Why this plea matters to us

True advantage from medical products requires an harsh concentration on patient- and consumer-centered safety, a element that is during a heart of Johnson Johnson’s Credo and is embodied in a idea of a Office of a Chief Medical Officer (OCMO).  Working to safeguard that JJ is building and creation accessible a safest products probable is what a scarcely 1000 employees of OCMO work towards any day.  Always looking for improved ways to residence reserve on interest of patients and consumers, we are embarking on a Quickfire Challenge to brand new and innovative ideas to boost a protected use of a products.

The QuickFire Challenge creation concentration areas are:

• Empowering patients and consumers to make some-more sensitive medical decisions by providing improved information and preparation about a reserve of medical products (pharmaceuticals, medical inclination and consumer products).
This plea concentration area seeks ways to maximize consumer and studious preparation and bargain of medical products and their reserve and efficacy, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer products. The design is to commission patients, consumers and medical providers to make some-more sensitive decisions and obtain limit advantage from product use by larger bargain of reserve information and by ensuring some-more effective communication and enhancing education.

• Improving training and growth for surgeons by identifying new models that copy a handling room environment.
This concentration area seeks new and strong models and methods to weigh medical inclination used by surgeons in a unnatural sourroundings deputy of handling room procedures, with a idea of assisting a surgeon know how to safely and effectively use a medical device and know variability in device and performance/outcome. Entries should concentration on soothing hankie models that anatomically paint organ-specific fundamental facilities and biological properties, such as hankie injury, draining and clotting responses.

• Empowering patients and consumers to some-more safely discharge and hoop medical products.
The third concentration area seeks ways to residence a plea of remedy medication errors. Entries should brand patient- and consumer-focused devices, solutions or platforms that will forestall errors and solutions to foster protected storage and administration or extend a shelf life of prescription, over-the-counter or cosmetic products.

“Entrants can contention ideas in one of 3 concentration areas that are vicious for ensuring that we make a safest probable products on interest of patients and consumers,” pronounced Melinda Richter, Head of Johnson Johnson Innovation, JLABS. “In further to funding, Advancing a Safe Use of Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge winners will be awarded JLABS support that includes infrastructure, services, educational programs and networks in tellurian hotspots.”


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