After farmers, Rahul Gandhi change concentration to fishermen’s issues in Kerala

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Kochi: Apart from using a high voltage debate opposite Narendra Modi supervision over farmers’ issue, Congress clamp boss Rahul Gandhi will step adult his overdo to some-more operative category segments by holding adult normal fishermen’s woes during his revisit to Kerala’s coastal village subsequent week.

Congress MP K C Venugopal pronounced Rahul will revisit Chavakkad, a tiny coastal city in Thrissur district, subsequent week where fishermen are agitating opposite a Centre’s preference to extend trawling anathema from 47 days to 61 days.

Rahul Gandhi. PTI Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Gandhi’s two-day Kerala revisit will start on 26 May.

During bill event of Parliament, Gandhi had indicted Modi supervision of going opposite a interests of fishermen in coastal states, observant a anathema by a ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’ was not permitting them to do fishing though unfamiliar trawlers were authorised to do so, a assign denied by a government.

Venugopal pronounced Gandhi would correlate with members of a fishermen village during his Chavakkad revisit on 27 May.

“Trawling anathema has been extended by a supervision from 47 days to 61 days and from 12 nautical miles to 200 nautical miles of a Indian sea. It has combined a lot of confinement among a fishermen village in a country,” a Alappuzha MP told PTI.

Congress-led UDF supervision in Kerala has pronounced a state would not exercise a Centre’s gauge to levy uniform anathema on trawling by all fishing vessels in coastal areas from 1 Jun to 31 Jul in a 12 nautical miles off state coast.

As usual, monsoon trawling anathema would be imposed in a coastal belt of a state for 47 days, a supervision has said. Normally, a trawling anathema in a state is between 15 Jun to 31 July.

Venugopal pronounced a Centre’s preference to extend trawling anathema has been taken as per a recommendation of Syda Rao-Gopalakrishnan Committee.

But Syda Rao, who was authority of a Experts Committee that complicated a pros and cons of a uniform fishing ban, has dissociated with a argumentative recommendation of a Committee, he said.

“It is opposite a Kerala Act also. So, a Centre should repel a order,” pronounced Venugopal.