After Fetching His Toy, This Dog Has An Impressive Way Of Returning To His Human

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Fetch is a many dear entertainment for pups everywhere, though not many have a lapse tactic utterly as considerable as this darling bulldog’s.

The cutie’s name is Bentley, and after his tellurian throws his toy, he brings it right back…by doing a dance pierce that continues to perplex many humans. Yep, a small man has totally mastered a King of Pop’s graphic shimmy…just supplement a sparkly glove to one duke and he’s prepared to start his possess cover band!


Go on, give us an encore, Bentley!

Go on, give us an encore, Bentley!

YouTube / iamkokonutz

Seriously, did he take lessons from Michael Jackson himself? I’m over here still struggling with a elementary two-step while this man steals a show!