Alia, Shahid uncover off meant moves in Shaandaar’s fanciful new strain ‘Gulaabo’

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Say hello to a new earworm in your life. Called Gulaabo it should effectively retard any Monday morning blues.

If we feel quite grateful for some strain that finally erases a sound of Chittiyan Kalaiyaan from your head, we can communicate your interjection to Amit Trivedi and Vishal Dadlani, who have stoical and sung a song respectively.

Gulaabo is set in a barn, where a bachelorette celebration is being thrown. And no it doesn’t have girls in pinkish tutu dresses and tiaras. It has boys and girls dressed as men in spiffy suits and overcoats, in a stage that’s rather Great Gatsby-ish.

A still from a strain Gulaabo.A still from a strain Gulaabo.

A screengrab from a strain Gulaabo.

The song, a brew of Bollywood dance strain and hip-hop, is addictive to contend a least. It has been choreographed in a approach that we can not usually moon over a lead span in a video, though also bust a few of their moves yourself even if you’re not a good dancer.

The choreography blends hip bound with signature Bollywood tapori steps fabulously and don’t be astounded if we see ‘tapori hop’ becoming the new fury in dance floors opposite a country.

Shahid Kapur seems to be in his component in a song. But chances are, your eyes will sojourn glued to Alia Bhatt. She not usually rocks a roughly androgynous demeanour (she still has a cascading Bollywood waves, notwithstanding a mistake moustache), though shows off some spectacular dancing moves as well.

Check a strain out here: