All-in-one unstable USB LED light that sticks, ties, hooks, or hangs on probably anything

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Luminoodle™ is a 5-foot strand of ultra-bright, waterproof, and USB-powered LEDs designed with various, easy-to-use ascent solutions enclosed in a bag. At 10-20 times brighter than your normal Christmas lights, it’s substantially a many adaptable, intuitive, and unstable fibre lighting complement ever created.


Luminoodle™ comes with 3 custom-designed Noodle Ties™ that make it easy to tie around anything. They’re tough, easy to use, and can be doubled adult to hang around incomparable objects.

“We designed a tradition rubber tie that allows we to simply insert a luminoodle to any branch, pole, or other hang like object.  We also done a tradition rubber slider with an embedded magnet to enrich a magnets on possibly finish of a luminoodle™.  Lastly we combined a application loop, to give an easy straight-forward approach to hang a noodle but any additional pieces necessary”, says a group on their Kickstarter crowdfunding page.


The device also comes versed with 2 built-in complicated avocation magnets (one during any end) and a magnet that can slip to any position. You can use a magnets to hang to your car, canopy, or anything else magnetic. Additionally, a magnets snap to any other creation it elementary and tangle-free to things into a bag for lantern or storage.

In a enclosed rip-stop nylon bag, Luminoodle™ acts only like a lantern by diffusing light and swelling it 360 degrees. It really creates for some torpedo mood lighting. Just hang Luminoodle around a Lithium 4400 battery container or any other unstable USB battery pack, spin it on, and things it in.


Unlike your normal noodle, Luminoodle™ won’t get slimy when left in water. The LED frame is totally encased in a high peculiarity single-piece silicone tube, and capped and glued with even some-more silicone to make for an IP67-rated waterproof light. IP67 means it can withstand submersion in H2O adult to 3 feet, covering many activities brief of SCUBA diving.

Luminoodle is done with twenty six, 7 lumen 3528 LED lights on a tradition 5V LED strip.

Luminoodle is done with twenty six, 7 lumen 3528 LED lights on a tradition 5V LED strip.


Source: Kickstarter