All This Pup Wanted To Do Was Get Onto The Ottoman…And He Failed Miserably

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There’s a reason they contend we should always learn to travel before we run — or in this cutie’s case, jump.

Milo is only a small puppy who, distinct other some-more mature dogs, hasn’t nonetheless mastered a art of jumping between apart pieces of seat though falling, though that really didn’t’ stop him from trying. While his relatives did their best to assistance him onto their ottoman by pulling it closer to where he was on a couch, their good intentions finished in his adorably waggish tumble to a belligerent below.

Watch as Milo gives in to sobriety when he can’t reason on any longer in a video below. You did your best, small guy!

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Don’t worry, buddy. Soon your relatives won’t be means to stop we from jumping to your heart’s calm on all their furniture. Be certain to share this humorous video if we admire a pup’s spirit!