Amber Heard Officially Charged With Illegally Importing Johnny Depp’s Dogs Into Australia

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Heard_deppBack in May a lot of bitch was lifted when Australian military detected that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dual Yorkshire terriers had been smuggled into Australia. At a time there had been a lot of speak of what could happen, though a pets were returned to a United States before a 72-hour deadline they had been given, and it seemed like a emanate had been decided. Unfortunately for Amber Heard it was not, and now People has schooled that prosecutors have charged her with “two depends of illegally importing a pups, Pistol and Boo, into a nation and one count of producing a fake document”.

Now if we are wondering what this means, it’s this. First she has been summoned to seem in a Queensland justice on September 7th, second a limit chastisement for a initial charges is 10 years in jail and a excellent of $75,000 and a second assign has a chastisement of adult to a year in jail and a excellent of $7,500. Realistically, Heard will substantially face small to no jail time since a pets were returned within a 72 hour deadline she was given, though a charges are still deliberate to be serious.

Heard has settled that she and Depp will substantially going to equivocate Australia as most as they can, though it looks like she’ll be streamer behind there in Sep to face her charges. Depp on a other palm has never done a criticism about a situation.


Photos: Amber Heard Instagram