Amid Sanatan Sanstha controversy, Goa’s ultra-right finds a domestic home in a MGP

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Panaji: The ultra-right in Goa has a domestic home now. As a domestic discuss rages over Sanatan Sanstha here, the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party appears to be courtship aggressively a regressive Hindu opinion bank which, it feels, is dissapoint with a ‘Catholic-friendly’ BJP supervision in a state.

The 52-year-old domestic outfit, once a regional, grassroots powerhouse and now powered by a Dhavalikar brothers — Sudin and Deepak — both cupboard ministers and direct fans of a argumentative Sanatan Sanstha, is during a centre of engaging equations rising in a state.

Last week, a Dhavalikar brothers were in a crosshairs of a media after their publicly-expressed support for a Sanstha, headquartered in Ramnathi, 35 km from Panaji, whose members have been indicted by a military in Karnataka and Maharashtra, of murdering revolutionary personality Govind Pansare and academician Dr MM Kalburgi in Dharwad.

Representational picture of MGP personality Sudin DhavilkarRepresentational picture of MGP personality Sudin Dhavilkar

Representational picture of MGP personality Sudin Dhavalikar

“Just since one of a seekers is arrested in a murder case, since is there a direct to anathema a whole organisation? Sanatan Sanstha works for spirituality and propagation of Hindu religion,” Co-operatives apportion Deepak Dhavalikar pronounced on Wednesday (23 September), adding that his mother found “peace” by attending satsangs organized by a Sanstha.

The subsequent day, his elder hermit Public Works Department apportion Sudin Dhavalikar, whose mother is also rigourously compared with a worried organisation, said: “Sanatan’s name has always been dragged into a debate since they are pro-Hindu and if they would have belonged to any other sacrament afterwards their name would have not come (in public)”.

According to domestic commentators like Samir Kelekar, an Indian Institute of Technology — Mumbai alumnus, also a budding politician, there is an ultra-right wing border that a MGP is penetrating on grabbing forward of a 2017 state Assembly elections.

“There is a tiny territory of Goan youths who are removing radicalised,” Kelekar told Firstpost.

There appears to be a process to a MGP’s stupidity and unchanging mania with a bikini and a ‘Western Culture’ bashing in Goa, that sees half a million sun-loving European tourists annually.

Goa has been a Portuguese cluster for over 450 years and a 4 lakh-odd Christian race is mostly viewed as ‘Western’ by regressive Hindu politicians.

The MGP already has a share of a regressive Hindu vote-base with a pockets of strength in a state’s Hindu-dominated hinterland, located distant divided from a some-more magnanimous and some-more worldly coastline. And it now wants to collect a booty of a ultra regressive Hindu opinion bank, deserted for now by a BJP.

The BJP, that until some years behind upheld renaming of Goans streets and neighbourhoods named after Portuguese icons to ‘Indianised’ ones and perplexing to undo Good Friday from a list of state holidays, is now looking to actively woo a Catholic votebank — the saffron celebration now has an rare 6 Catholic legislators.

Be it from Sri Rama Sene’s arch Pramod Muthalik’s steady attempts to enter into a state, where he has been criminialized for 6 months, or speak of ‘pub culture’ in a tourism-oriented state, an atmosphere of informative fight is forward on a state differently compared with socio-religious amity.

The Dhavalikar brothers direct to anathema bikinis, miniskirts and pub culture, their open support to creation India a Hindu nation, are an apparent try to dilemma a ultra-Hindu Goan opinion bank.

The Congress, that is struggling to re-carve domestic aptitude in Goa, has already demanded a anathema on a Sanstha, that it believes is sowing a seeds of eremite apprehension in Goa.

“We direct dogmatic Sanatan Sanstha as a militant organization and shutting down their militant stay during Ramnathi Ponda immediately and frozen all their arrests including bank accounts and probing their source of funding,” according to Congress spokesperson.

In a bid to take on a MGP, that has 3 legislators and is a bloc partner, a BJP has demanded a examine into a affairs of all members of a public, who are related to a Sanstha, shortly after a comments done by Dhavalikar.

“People carrying an organization with a Sanatan Sanstha need to be probed since any of a organisations members are indicted of appearance in critical crimes including carrying out IED blasts and murders,” BJP orator Vishnu Wagh said.

While a angst opposite a organization grows, a Sanatan Sanstha itself has remained unfazed and pronounced that it is a plant of a magician hunt.

“Chief apportion Laxmikant Parsekar righteously pronounced that it is not right to anathema an organization since of mistakes committed by one of a members,” Virendra Marathe handling keeper of Sanstha pronounced even as it shielded a import in a case.

The author is a Goa match for a Indo-Asian News Service