Amtrak Train Windshield Being Investigated After Philadelphia Derailment

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The FBI is questioning a Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia. The FBI will be examining a train’s windshield, as a follow-up to a news suggesting that a windshield could have been strike by an intent before a pile-up occurred, according to a NTSB.

The NTSB requested a assistance of a FBI to examine a train, quite a windshield, after a idea was done that a windshield might have been strike before a crash. According to a NTSB, there was an partner conductor on a train, in a café car. She pronounced she overheard a informal sight operative tell a Amtrak operative that he suspicion he had been possibly shot during or strike by a rock. She combined that she suspicion she listened a Amtrak operative contend he believed his sight had also been hit.

Robert Sumwalt, an NTSB member, pronounced that his group saw repairs to a left, reduce apportionment of a train’s windshield. It was during this indicate that a FBI was asked to examine a windshield.

The National Transportation Safety Board has interviewed a operative of the Amtrak sight that derailed in Philadelphia. The engineer, Brandon Bostain, was cooperative, though pronounced that after he rang a train’s bell while flitting a North Philadelphia Station, he remembers nothing. Bostian’s counsel pronounced a operative has postulated a concussion from a wreck.

By Jeanette Smith

Source: Newsday: The Latest on Amtrak Crash: Last Two Mangled Cars Removed
Photo pleasantness of Paul Sullivan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License