An Officer Saw An Armed Man Walking With A Dog. Then He Realized Something Awful.

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It’s tough to trust that anyone could harm an animal, generally one that is by all accounts healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, that’s a story of Tunzy, and 11-year-old dog who was so tighten to removing a genocide judgment for no reason during all. Fortunately, someone with good senses and foreknowledge was there to step in and save a puppy from an black demise.

This is Tunzy, and she is a many darling thing. One night, dual group were out walking with Tunzy, and one was carrying a gun.

Youtube / TV6 FOX UP

A military officer beheld them streamer to a isolated area, and he satisfied a fear that was about to happen. The group designed to fire a puppy and bury her.

Youtube / TV6 FOX UP

He stepped in and arrested a men, and a Delta Animal Shelter was there to take Tunzy in. They’re educating a open about surrendering neglected animals to them instead of holding such extreme and immorality measures.

Youtube / TV6 FOX UP