Annu Rani wins Javelin gold; falls brief of Olympic gift mark

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Kolkata: Asian Games bronze medallist Annu Rani helped fortifying champions Railways get a unique bullion award of a day while triple jumper Mayookha Johny’s accommodate record pushed ONGC to a tip of a medals total on a penultimate day of a 55th National Open Athletics Championship on Friday.

Eyeing an Olympic gift of 62 metres, Railways pike thrower Rani struggled in a feverishness and steam to chuck 58.85 that was good adequate to bind her a fourth bullion award on a run and improved her two-year-old mark.

Annu Rani won a unique bullion for Railways on a penultimate day of a  55th Nationals. PTIAnnu Rani won a unique bullion for Railways on a penultimate day of a  55th Nationals. PTI

Annu Rani won a unique bullion for Railways on a penultimate day of a 55th Nationals. PTI

“I struggled in a feverishness and steam and could not give my best even as we would do 60-plus in training… However, I’m assured to grasp a Olympic qualification,” a 22-year-old from Meerut lady who bagged a bronze in Incheon 2014 said.

The inhabitant record hilt Annu’s was a sole bullion for overnight leaders Railways who clinched another china in a day to trip to second place behind ONGC who now have an altogether total of 9 gold, 9 china and dual bronze with a day’s transport of 3 bullion and 3 china medals.

Railways are in second place with 8 gold, 6 china and 8 bronze followed by Services during third place with 6 gold, 7 china and 6 bronze medals.

Mayookha done her Kolkata noted again as she brought adult her best again, 3 years after she set a record during a same place, to win a third bullion in a Nationals.

She jumped 13.78 metres to erase her prior best of 13.71 during a 2011 National Open in Kolkata as a day saw usually dual new accommodate records.

Durgesh Kumar Pal clinched a hat-trick of bullion award when he overcame a clever plea from his Services co-worker Ramachandran nearby a final jump to power autarchic in a 400m hurdles.

It was a noted day for Gujarat hiker Babu Panocha who bagged his fifth pretension in 9 years, reigning autarchic in 20km travel progressing in a day.

Panocha clocked one hour, 33 mins 44 seconds to kick Services Jitender Singh of Services.

Results (Finals)


20000m Race walking: 1 Babu Panocha (Gujarat; 1::33:44.00, 2 Jitender Singh (Services; 1::36:21:00), 3 Ankit Kumar (Services; 1::36:21.00).

High jump: 1 Jagdeep Singh (ONGC; 2.16), 2 Harshith S (ONGC; 2.16), 3 Srineesh C (Services; 2.13).

Discus: 1 Dharamraj (Services; 56.12), 2 Kripal Singh (ONGC; 54.59), 3 Anshu Rai (LIC; 54.21).

400m hurdles: 1 Durgesh Kumar (Services; 50.40), 2 Ramchandandran (Services; 50.56), 3 Jithin Paul (Railways; 50.71).


Javelin: 1 Annu Rani (Railways; 58.85 NMR), 2 Suman Devi (Uttar Pradesh; 57.15 BMR), 3 Poonam Rani (Haryana; 52.73m).

400m hurdles: 1 Anu Raghavan (ONGC; 58.73 NMR), 2 Jauna Murmu (ONGC; 59.41), 3 Santosh Kumar (Police; 59.54).

Triple Jump: 1 Mayookha Johny (ONGC; 13.78 NMR), 2 Prajusha M A (Railways; 12.79), 3 Shilpa Chako (Kerala, 12.79).