Annual Robot Rodeo offers explosve squads an unbeatable experience

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Sandia National Laboratories is hosting a 11th annual Western National Robot Rodeo, a stirring four-day eventuality where municipal and troops explosve patrol teams get use regulating robots to defuse diverse, dangerous situations.

Robots are life-saving collection for these puncture response teams, providing them a aegis from danger. Ten teams from around a segment will contest in 10 events to see who can use their robots a quickest and safest in realistic, unnatural scenarios. The tip 3 teams will accept trophies, though a explosve squads are mostly after bragging rights, pronounced Jake Deuel, Sandia robotics manager and Robot Rodeo coordinator.

The teams are customarily undone with us by a second scenario, and that’s a good pointer that we’ve grown severe scenarios. If it’s easy, it’s a rubbish of their time,” pronounced Deuel. “The whole indicate of a Robot Rodeo is to assistance these guys and gals know where a operational corner of their apparatus and procedures are, so that they don’t go over that corner during a genuine life call.”

Scenarios from prior years embody stealing a ridicule explosve device from an aeroplane or sight car, stealing unnatural fuel rods from a shop-worn chief energy reactor, and locating and stealing deviation sources from a ridicule village. In 2015, a explosve squads collaborated with an unmanned aerial vehicle, colloquially famous as a drone. The UAV supposing situational recognition and slip for a belligerent robotic team, permitting them to locate and check questionable equipment faster and some-more efficiently.

Sandia National Laboratories’ Gemini-Scout Mine Rescue Robot is versed to hoop any series of obstacles, including rubble piles and flooded rooms, to assistance rescuers strech trapped miners safely and efficiently. (Photo by Randy Montoya)

Sandia works with Los Alamos National Laboratory to put on a annual competition. This year instructors from a FBI’s Hazardous Devices School also will run several of a training sessions and events. In addition, one of a scenarios this year will engage locating a ridicule “radioactive” glass trickle and mitigating it, maybe with a robotic bucket brigade.

“We keep entrance behind to a Robot Rodeo since it’s a training event that unequivocally pushes a ability set with a robots,” pronounced Sgt. Carlos Gallegos, commander of a Albuquerque Police Department’s explosve squad, whose organisation has attended a rodeo each year and won twice. “We conclude Sandia and Los Alamos inhabitant laboratories for holding a time to put on such a profitable week for a internal explosve squads.”

Teams scheduled to attend this year embody Kirtland Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team – a fortifying champions – Albuquerque Police Department, Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office, Los Alamos Police Department, New Mexico State Police, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base EOD Team, Fort Carson Army Base EOD Battalion, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police, Riverside County Sheriff’s Office from California, and another U.S. Army EOD group.

Source: Sandia

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