Another considerable proof from Volvo – showcased extraordinary puncture violation technology

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Volvo is obvious for a mania with reserve technology. As all of we know by now, Volvo is also creation complicated avocation trucks. So it comes as no advise that Volvo Trucks are also versed with some considerable reserve tech, as demonstrated in this new video. Large trucks have to be means to mangle automatically, though Volvo raises standards to a whole new level.

Volvo’s complement will surprise a driver, afterwards it will mangle kindly and afterwards it will come to a finish stop. Image credit: Volvo

There is an EU-wide regulation, that is pulling lorry manufacturers to use involuntary puncture violation complement in a bigger trucks. And with today’s record it is unequivocally not that formidable to do, generally carrying in mind that many lorry manufacturers are possibly owned by automotive companies or a closely associated to them.  Cars have these systems for utterly some time now, though for trucks involuntary puncture violation is even some-more beneficial. Heavier vehicles are unequivocally tough to stop suddenly, generally when other highway users are creation astonishing mistakes or are customarily pushing irresponsibly.

Interestingly, this legislation customarily requires lorry to automatically revoke their speed by 10 km/h (it will be increasing to 20 km/h subsequent year), that is not scarcely adequate to equivocate an collision if a lorry is going during around highway speeds. Volvo’s system, that was introduced in 2012, goes good over authorised mandate and is future-proof too.

It is mostly focused during alerting a motorist – customarily it is enough. System uses radar and camera technology, that work exquisitely regardless of pushing conditions. If a lorry thinks there is a high risk of collision, a heads-up arrangement and acoustic vigilance with forewarn a driver. If a motorist does not react, lorry starts violation – during initial kindly and afterwards comes to a finish stop if motorist continues to do nothing. If a motorist does not do anything after a lorry is stopped, parking mangle is practical automatically. It all happens unequivocally fast and uniformly and so a complement is safe, gentle and ensures that many accidents could be avoided.

When parking mangle is practical automatically, jeopardy lights start flashing to advise other drivers. And, of course, it works palm in palm with ABS and other systems, to make certain a lorry is safely brought to a stop even if a motorist can't do most since of startle or other circumstances.

Volvo’s complement also functions on curvy roads and can compute between roadside ensure rails and genuine obstacles such as vehicles including motorbikes. It is doubtful that EU legislation will locate adult with Volvo’s creation here any time soon, though this association unequivocally likes heading when it comes to reserve tech. Johan Almqvist, Traffic Product Safety Director during Volvo Trucks, said: “A protected trade sourroundings requires active communication between all highway users. An experienced, courteous motorist who handles his or her car responsibly is still a best form of collision prevention”.

And that is a bottom line of it. Drivers are still pivotal in collision prevention. But it does not meant that lorry manufacturers should not put as most bid into building record that will make roads customarily that small bit safer.


Source: Volvo Trucks

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