Anthony Medina Is Prepared for Anything

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Anthony Medina started in churned martial humanities when he was 19 years old. In 2011, he was unresolved out with some friends examination Stephen Bonner and Forest Griffin quarrel on “Ultimate Fighter.” Medina unequivocally got into a fight, a look, and a hype.

He assimilated Empire Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to get a ambience of invulnerability training. He lerned for dual months when he met one of a gym’s MMA fighters, Jacob Pupo, an undefeated veteran fighter. He was scheming for a fork opposite a taller opponent. Medina is 6’1”, so Pupo asked him to spar. He apparently got his boundary kicked though was told he did good and to keep training. He stayed with Empire for 6 months and mislaid his supports to continue going to a gym. He got married and forsaken off a MMA scene.

Anthony Morales, from Sacramento, saw Medina’s Cammo form and offering him a fight. Morales and John Hack helped compensate for his Cammo chartering and he was behind in a cage. He mislaid that hitch though did not stop training.

Medina takes a censure for his losses. He was not training in a gym or with a tutor and he took fights on brief notice. However, he prided himself on being famous as a warrior who would accept short-notice bouts. This helped out a upholder and a win/loss did not matter.

After 4 losses, Medina started usurpation casino bouts and left Cammo. He mislaid by preference though fought improved and felt better. Then, he motionless he had mislaid too many fights to give up.

Medina assimilated a Jiu-jitsu Academy and took a year to concentration on training. He took third place during a Naga Tournament. Four tournaments in a quarrel Medina won initial place in War of Lions.
He returned to a ring in Apr 2016. Then, he had his initial win, by armbar submission, in 57 seconds, on Jan. 28, 2017.

Before he took a quarrel Medina and his mother were awaiting their initial child. So, after his final fight, he motionless he was going to retire. Medina simply did not have a support he indispensable during home. They went by a divorce.

Medina is a fulltime manager and was formulation to lapse a MMA world. Real MMA called Medina and he was honored. He has a good understanding of honour for a Las Vegas promoters. However, he never by he would get their call. Medina told Rudy Morales that he was so elegant he would quarrel whoever he matched him adult with and put on a good show.

Medina pronounced he has been by wars and only wants to fight. He wants to crash with his competition in a cage. He has been operative on his Jiu-jitsu and with a turn 4 wrestler in a ring. He is prepared and watchful for Jan. 26, 2018.

Since a divorce Medina spars harder and he is not fearful of removing hurt. He has zero to lose, therefore, he is looking brazen to punching it out and withdrawal it all in a ring.

This will be a initial quarrel Medina has had in a ring. That does not make him shaken either, he is prepared for anything.

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