Antoine Griezmann has transposed Diego Costa as a categorical male though can Atletico Madrid win a title? 

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For many football fans, Spanish football is a story of dual giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona. These dual juggernauts have dominated record in Spain given a beginning, though a new energy is rising in La Liga, in a form of Real’s cranky city rivals Atletico Madrid. 

They’re not wholly a new entity, being Spain’s fourth many successful bar though in new years they have been competing with Europe’s chosen and now lay tip of La Liga table.

Atletico won La Liga is thespian conform in their 2013/14 season, violence Barcelona during a Nou Camp on a final day of a season, in a diversion where a leader would lift Spain’s many prestigious trophy. In a same season, they were mins divided from winning a Champions League, had it not been for a Gareth Bale equaliser in a unwell mins of a game.

Last term, they couldn’t replicate their successes, finishing third in a joining and unwell to make a genuine impact in a Champions League. Their tiny decrease was expected, after losing pivotal players in a send window and their inclusive idea scorer Diego Costa to Chelsea. However, this season, they are heading a approach during a tip of La Liga, while Barcelona and Real Madrid are stalling and left chasing these analogous minnows.

Atletico’s resurgence to a tip has been remarkable and rather of warn to some. The designer behind their phoenix like rebirth is Argentine manager Diego Simeone.

The immature manager has prisoner a suggestion of a bar and has created a Madrid formed bar into a really gifted team. So, can Atletico repeat their success of 2014 and win a title?

If they are to win, they need to keep their pivotal players fit. The bar hasn’t got a same abyss in a patrol as Real Madrid and Barcelona, so injuries will have a deleterious impact on Atletico’s chances.

Their whitchcraft is French general Antoine Griezmann a versatile attacker, who pitches in with copiousness of goals and assists. Griezmann is a team’s tip scorer with 9 goals in a joining this season.

Another cause in their office for a pretension has to be a form of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Neither side have been behaving during their best in a joining this year, however if possibly one was to find form, Atletico might be left in a dust. Certainly, for a consequence of variety, if Atletico Madrid can lift on competing during a really tip in Spain, it will make for a distant some-more engaging league.

Can they win La Liga this season? There are lots of factors that could potentially hindrance their charge, though with Real Madrid in misunderstanding and Barcelona not banishment on all cylinders, because not?