Anushka Sharma needs GK lessons: Actor pays reverence to Abul Kalam Azad instead of Abdul Kalam, gets trolled

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Former President and Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam upheld divided on Monday dusk after pang s large cardiac detain in Shillong. As shortly as a news of his flitting spread, Indians  took to Twitter and Facebook to compensate their respects and demonstrate grief over a detriment of one of India’s biggest sons.

Anushka Sharma. AgenciesAnushka Sharma. Agencies

Anushka Sharma. Agencies

Anushka Sharma also tweeted out her respects and voiced her unhappiness on a Missile Man’s death. But she had to do it 3 times as she got a former president’s name wrong, twice.

In her initial tweet, she said,”Very unhappy to hear about a flitting of ABJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an moving idealist and a smashing soul. May his essence RIP.”

Anushka got lambasted on chatter instantly following a improper tweet. She soon deleted a tweet, and send another one out.

“Very unhappy to hear about a flitting of APJ Kalam Azad. Loss of an moving idealist and a smashing soul. May his essence RIP.

Anushka, corrected ABJ to APJ in her second tweet, though she didn’t notice a vivid mistake. The fact that she had mentioned APJ Abdul Kalam as APJ Kalam Azad, done it seem that she didn’t know who a former boss APJ Abdul Kalam was and confused it with a leisure warrior and another Bharat Ratna Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

After confronting substantial slam from a lamentation twitteratti, including KRK, Anushka finally got it right a third time.

Offcourse, Twitterati would not skip a event to goblin her.

While Anushka does need to brush adult on Indian historyHowever, she was not a usually one who looked foolish when tweeting about Kalam. The tip esteem could go to Isha Koppikar, whose tweets on Kalam could best compared to a bad WhatsApp joke.

She tweeted first,”A good Muslim died on an portentous day of Hindus in a Christian city. He confirmed secularism and democracy in genocide too.”

Except we don’t know what “Hindu” portentous day was yesterday, or how Shillong, or for that matter any city, is a “Christian” city and because does all of this even matter when a dear former boss has upheld away.

She didn’t stop there.

“RIP Shall not be review as Rest in Peace for such good Legends… should RIP : Return If Possible…..” she tweeted out following her initial “secular” tweet.