AP Interview: Black Lives Matter skipping 2016 endorsement

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By JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Black Lives Matter network will not make a presidential publicity though will keep adult a domestic activism by opposed possibilities about a diagnosis of African-Americans in a United States.

That’s what one of a group’s founders, Alicia Garza, tells The Associated Press in an interview.

She also says a classification will press forward with protests and interruptions during a 2016 campaign.

Garza says that “sometimes we have to put a wrench in a gears to get people to listen.”

Black Lives Matter activists grabbed headlines when they disrupted a Seattle convene final month before Democratic presidential claimant Bernie Sanders was about to speak.

Garza says in a future, a classification might turn some-more concerned with possibilities and parties, and even run candidates. But she says “we’re not there yet.”

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