‘Apologize or face Maratha heat’: Congress MLA slams Karnad for Tipu Sultan-Shivaji comparison

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Mumbai: Maharashtra Congress authority Nitesh Rane has slammed Girish Karnad over his comments on Maratha aristocrat Chhatrapati Shivaji, observant a author should “either apologize or face a Maratha heat” for his remarks.

Karnad, a Jnanpith winner, had stoked a debate when he pronounced that 18th century Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan would have enjoyed a same standing as of Shivaji, if he was a Hindu and not a Muslim.

“Whatever happens in Karnataka, it’s their issue…but  won’t concede anyone to review a Shivaji Maharaj to anyone. Maharaj was most larger than all these. we brave Karnad to come and contend a same thing on a Maharashtra’s dirt and see if he goes back,” Nitesh, son of former Chief Minister and comparison Congress personality Narayan Rane, posted on his chatter handle.

File photo. Image courtesy: ANIFile photo. Image courtesy: ANI

File photo. Image courtesy: ANI

“Karnad earns from a Bollywood for years and afterwards dares to insult a Maharaj. He possibly should apologize or face a Maratha heat,” he serve tweeted.

The MLA from Kankavli subdivision pronounced that unless Karnad tenders an reparation to Maharashtra, he will not be authorised to enter a state.

“Tipu Sultan could be a good aristocrat in his possess right but…Shivaji Maharaj was most above,” Rane said.

Nitesh had progressing broke his celebration with his comments opposite a Gujarati village for being vegetarians.

Karnad had also come underneath critique from a Shiv Sena, that pronounced that Tipu Sultan can't be compared to a Maratha king, who was a prudent personality and had care for a bad and a sons of a dirt irrespective of their caste, creed, religion.

Karnad and BJP MP Prathap Simha have allegedly perceived genocide threats on amicable media in a arise of a quarrel in Karnataka over birth anniversary celebrations of 18th century Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan.

Karnad, who also came underneath conflict for his remarks that a Bengaluru general airfield should have been named after Tipu Sultan rather than a city’s owner Kempe Gowda, perceived a hazard on Twitter that he would accommodate with a same predestine as rationalist MM Kalburgi, who was gunned down recently by dual group during his chateau in Dharwad in north Karnataka.

Security has been posted during a chateau of Karnad in a arise of a debate over his remarks.