AR Rahman is all set to rehash ‘Urvashi’ strain with smart lyrics from his fans

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Last month, strain composer AR Rahman invited assembly suggestions for a rehashed lyrics of his landmark strain Take It Easy Urvashi as a magnitude to crowdfund lyrics for a new chronicle of a song.


A R Rahman. AFP Image.

The original was featured in S Shankar’s 1994 Tamil regretful thriller Kandhalan. It saw choreographer-cum-filmmaker Prabhudeva and a horde of behind dancers shake to a tunes of all sorts of lemons that life throws during us. While a carol was a call for consolation in unfavourable situations and predicaments, a carol pushed one to ‘take it easy.’

The dukhdas or fussy in that strain ranged from unwell in an examination to operative on a Sunday and from carrying an aged lady sitting besides we in a train to confronting a energy disaster during a screening of an interesting film. However, that was 1994.

23 years down a lane, a universe has altered and so have a problems. Though some sojourn evergreen, there was plenty range for some artistic additions to a list. Thus, Rahman took a call to rehash a strain and who improved than a commoners to ask for suggestions.

However, he requested them to equivocate problems regarding to a stream domestic situations like a demonetisation outcome and Donald Trump electoral feat in a competition to a White House. The New Indian Express reports that there were over 900 suggestions trimming from violation of windowpanes during a Chennai airfield to a Facebook crony ask removing rejected.

Now, The Quint reports that Rahman has finalised a final 4 lines that are as follows:

Beltu Potoom Veshti Avundha’ (If we wear a belt and your veshti falls)

‘Helmet Potoom Mama Pidicha’ (If we wear a helmet and a patrolman catches you)

‘Kadalai Naduvil Battery Thirndal‘ (If your battery gets over when we are flirting)

‘Kizhinja Panta Fashion Nu Sonna’ (If ripped pants are pronounced to be fashion)

We contingency contend it’s not a bad list during all and will make for an interesting and familiar song. Bring it on, Rahman!

First Published On : Jan 6, 2017 16:30 IST